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TOUGH LOVE… now published!



Introducing… TOUGH LOVE

I’ve written a new business book called, TOUGH LOVE: Scripting the Drive, Drama, and Decline of Galaxy Coffee.

Wait, that’s not correct.

TOUGH LOVE is actually a screenplay masquerading as a business book. It reads just like a Hollywood screenplay with standard script format, seven main characters, and two plot lines that tell the story of how a rags-to-riches entrepreneur finds success building a company (Galaxy Coffee) to be bigger only to realize, the hard way, that smaller is better.

Inserted throughout the TOUGH LOVE script are breakout business lessons and thought-provoking business advice geared towards entrepreneurs and small business owners.

It’s being published by ChangeThis as an ebook. ** Purchase details here **

To get a better idea of the flow and content of TOUGH LOVE, read the script snippet below.

I hope you enjoy the oddball idea of a business book written as a screenplay.